5 Educational Blogs to Sink Your Teeth Into

Keeping an eye on what’s going on in education is a full-time job.  Whether you want to stay on top of what’s going on in districts around the US or you just want to keep track of educational legislation, there are bloggers who are racing to keep up with the pace of public education.  Take some time to browse through the articles and postings on some of the following educational blogs and see what kinds of gems you can find.

Open Education:  Open Education is a great blog that helps you to keep up with what is going on in districts around the United States and has many interesting stories covering a wide array of educational topics.  Take a look at this blog and find out something new and interesting about the state of education.

The Education Wonks:  This blog takes a more cynical approach to public education and where all the money is going.  Brief pieces on the current state of affairs regarding education, as well as observations and other anecdotal stories can be found here.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog:  Since December of 2005, this blogger has been striving to collect education related information from the blogosphere and get it to readers in clear, concise chunks.  Take a look at his Daily Spotlight on education featurettes to stay in the know on education issues around the country.

2 Cents Worth:  This blog is focused on the state of teaching and education in the information age.  Pondering questions like, “are we really better off with all this stuff?”  Browse through poignant postings on a variety of educational and technology issues and topics when you visit this particular blog.  As the blogger relates to his readers, the postings are a conversation on specific stumbling blocks, etc., that are holding back the marriage of technology and education.

Edublogs:  Blogger Ewan McIntosh’s thoughts on education, social media vehicles, and future that lays ahead of all who are trying to integrate these things into their lives is the chief focus of this blog.  McIntosh covers a wide variety of topics, but manages to keep it all together through his writing prowess and analytical skills.  

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