5 Tips for Getting Your Poetry Out There

By Alisa Johnson

Writing poetry can be a fun and creative way to express yourself.  Sometimes, however, budding poets keep their poems to themselves and are afraid to put their work out there for others.  Surprisingly, many in the public are quite supportive and there are a wide variety of ways to get exposure and help with your poetry in the process. What follows is a brief list of tips for getting your poetry out there.

Open Mic Readings

Visit open mic poetry readings at local coffeehouses and bars.  You will be given the opportunity to read one or more pieces in front of a group of people.  Chances are the applause and attention will be just what you need to build your confidence and continue working on new material.  As you get better, you can venture into the performance aspects of your delivery.

Slam Poetry

Slam poetry readings are very performance-based readings that involve gestures, changes in vocal pitch and volume, and crowd involvement.  Similar in cadence to rap, slam poetry is gaining in popularity and audiences love to see and hear these passionate performances.

Start a Poetry Blog

Blogging isn’t just about articles or online journaling.  Create a blog where you feature your poetry, artwork, pictures, and reflections.  Doing this will increase the amount of exposure you receive and you may get welcome feedback and support from the online community in the process.


Take your creations to a new level and make your own poetry books.  You can be involved in all aspects of the design and many times don’t have to be much more than a pamphlet-sized publication of your best works.  Take them along with you to poetry readings and sell them for a nominal price or simply give them away to help promote your work.


With all of the social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook, it’s easier than ever to meet up with writers all over the place.  In addition, meet-up sites are becoming increasingly popular.  Get together with fellow writers and learn more about the craft, exchange ideas, or simply hang out.

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