How to Be a Distraction-Free Distance Learner

Online education gives students the opportunity to study from home at their own pace and on their own time rather than adhering to the school’s schedule. However, studying from home has its downfalls as well, the chief one being that it is far too easy to become distracted from your studies when you are not in a classroom. Luckily, there are several easy ways to make the most out of your online education and to avoid falling behind in your course work.


Designate a specific room to be your "classroom." The best room to choose is one that has a computer with Internet access in a secluded part of the house or apartment. The room should be quiet and if it is possible, remove all possible distracters, such radios and televisions, out of the room when you are studying so that you are not tempted to procrastinate. However, everyone’s studying habits are different. If you study better with music, by all means play music while you look over your lectures. You know your own study habits best, and the best study space is one that encourages focus. Create a space that will help you concentrate on your work.

Clear off the desk on which you’ll be working. A clean work space is conducive to studying, whereas a cluttered one can cause your mind to wander. In addition, do not decorate your studying space with things that can distract you.


While you do not have to commit to an inconvenient class schedule, it would be best if you designated a regular time to study several times a week. This will help to make studying habitual so that you are more likely to do it, otherwise you run the risk of forgetting or procrastinating in your course work, causing you to fall behind.

Notify your family and friends about your designated study times. This way, those in your household will know to be quieter while you study, or in the very least, to not disturb you while you are working. This will also cut down on incidents of your friends and family making plans that interfere with your studying time. They will know to make plans around that time if they wish for you to accompany them.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that taking an online class will be easy. Earning an online degree is much the same as earning a degree in a tradition classroom format. You are still enrolled in a college-level class that requires college-level work. Your success in an online degree program, just as in a campus program, will require focus, hard work, and commitment.

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