10 Best iPad Apps for Online Students

Those who choose online school versus traditional learning environments have opted for more flexible alternatives to getting a degree. Their lifestyles are probably more hectic and demanding than students who go to school full-time on campuses, and they need to fit in their classes and coursework around busy schedules, often preferring to study and take exams at home, at coffee shops, during commutes and in other less traditional places. Tools like the iPad are great resources for online students on the go, and with apps like these, they can stay connected and organized wherever they choose to study.

  1. iBookshelf: Search for books in your library, put them on loan, organize books you’re reading or need to read, scan barcodes, rate books, and find books for sale with this smart app. You can also backup your library for safety purposes, and organize reading assignments, editing selections by what you’ve read and what you still need to look over.
  2. iHomework: Use iHomework to keep track of your own self-paced schedule. There are tabs for days, weeks and courses so that you can keep up with deadlines, organized chat sessions, exams, study times, and more.
  3. A Masterpiece Collection: If you’re taking literature courses, download this app to get interactive access to classic works like Sense and Sensibility, Jane Eyre, and David Copperfield.
  4. SciCal Lite – Scientific Calculator: For quick reference for math and science courses, you can use this scientific calculator for the iPad. It works for trigonometry problems and also features text input technology, units conversion, and a fraction processor.
  5. iStudiez Pro: This is another organization app that supports block scheduling and rotating schedules. Add notes, dates, deadlines, exams, course listings, lectures, assignments and color labels.
  6. FlashCards: This smart app lets you create your own flashcards for whatever subject you have to study. You can add text or even import data from Excel, CSV or OpenOffice spreadsheets to make flashcards, can support audio, images, and/or text.
  7. Thesaurus App: This concise app displays synonyms, related terms, similar terms, user suggesitons and word history to strengthen writing and improve your vocabulary.
  8. Air Mouse Pro: Use Air Mouse Pro when you need a mouse but want to take just your laptop outside or to the library. The productivity app transforms your iPad to a remote control for your computer. The display looks like a mouse, and you can control your computer by moving the iPad screen with your finger.
  9. Quickoffice, Inc.: Manage and share files including e-mail attachments, dropbox files, Google docs and Box.net files with this app. You can also create and edit Microsoft Office files, scroll through options, and zoom text.
  10. Air Sharing: Air Sharing is a clever, efficient app that’s perfect for online students who want to use their iPads for working on assignments but don’t want to clutter up their mobile device. You can set up your iPad next to your computer, and with Air Sharing, drag and drop documents, including Excel spreadhseets, PDFs, and images from one device to the other. You can also send e-mail attachments with the app, making it a perfect on-the-go tool for online students who like to study and work away from home.

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