5 Little-Known But Fast-Growing College Majors

Go to any university campus and you are likely to run into a plethora of business, social science, and education students. After all, these are the most popular majors today at the bachelor’s degree level, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. But for those desiring to take their educational journey off the beaten path, there are some more obscure majors experiencing rapid growth worth looking into. 

  • Environmental Design and Architecture
    Many businesses are looking to overhaul their old ecologically damaging ways to usher in a new era of environmental friendliness. The Environmental Design and Architecture major will see a rise in demand as more people seek out the expertise of those who know how to plan ecologically sound buildings and residences. These majors learn building methods that emphasize harmony with the surrounding environment, sustainability, efficient use of energy, and the reduction of waste.  
  • Green Urban Planning
    Another offshoot of the green sector, Urban Planning majors study ways to crate and reform urban settlements. Their expertise helps already established and still-growing cities change to be more environmentally friendly as well as more efficient in general so that the urban area can comfortably support a rapidly growing population. They plan things like how cities are to be laid out and where schools and parks should be located. With a green angle, urban planning will see a huge increase in popularity as more cities strive to go green.  
  • Animal Science
    With a rapidly growing population, providing food to feed every mouth in the nation is a top priority. Animal Science majors will see an upswing in demand as the population continues to grow, continually driving up the need for more food sources and more regulation of current food sources. Animal Science majors study how to keep the nation’s stock of poultry, cattle, pigs, and other food animals healthy and productive so that they will produce bountiful quantities of healthy meats and products like cheese and milk for consumption.  
  • Geology
    Geology involves more than just rocks. In fact, this major is experiencing rapid growth due to the importance of geology in energy production. The expertise of Geology majors will be needed to find and safely extract coal, oil, natural gas, and other energy sources, thereby lessening the nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources.  
  • International Relations
    The increasingly globalized world calls for the expertise of those who know how to deal with foreign countries and their customs. International Relations majors study the economic, cultural, and military connections that other countries have with the U.S. and with one another. They strive to understand the complex relationships between countries and will be in demand in political and business atmospheres.

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