What the iPad Means for the College Campus

Somewhere between an iPhone and a Macbook, the iPad is the newest Apple craze. No matter where you go, it seems as if everyone wants to get their hands on this tablet. Still, those who already own a computer may find it hard to justify the purchase, especially students on a college budget. But the iPad is more than just a electronic toy for adults, and for students who are always on the go it could change their productivity on campus.

The iPadís calendar can help you keep your school schedule perfectly organized and ensure you never miss a due date, exam, or meeting with your advisor, again. By utilizing this feature students can create calendars for different schedules for their school, work, and personal lives. Those with hectic schedules will find it easy to separate their academic demands from their personal activities, as each of the calendars appears in a different color. Events like study sessions, football games, and student organization socials, can be quickly added just by tapping the plus sign. By rotating the iPad students can view their schedules by day and instantly know what they need to be doing at that moment or in a few hours. Students who want to begin preparing for upcoming assignments can view their calendar by week or month. No matter if you are in between classes on campus or riding the bus home, the iPad enables you to stay on top of things.

With a device like the iPad, studying on campus has never been this convenient. Not only does the mail feature allow you to read and reply to important e-mails while you are on the go, it also lets you access course materials. If you type your notes or have a professor who posts power points from his lectures online, you can attach them to an e-mail and send it to yourself for easy viewing on the iPad. Just by opening an e-mail and tapping the attachment you can view most standard file and image formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPGs, and PDFs. With the iPad you no longer have to print out your notes and carry them around in your already overstuffed folder. The large iPad display makes viewing documents easy, and rotating, zoom, and pan options allow students to take a closer look at study materials.

Not only does the iPad already come with useful features, thousands more are available from the App Store. Students can access the store with just a touch and browse applications in sections like lifestyle, education, social networking, and games. Education applications can change the way college students learn. Need to brush up on some important vocabulary for your upcoming biology exam? You no longer have to buy index cards and spend hours hand writing definitions. IPad apps like Study make memorizing vocabulary, historical dates, and theories easier than ever before. By using the keypad students can create flashcards and organize them by customizing the font and color. Acting as a personal tutor, this application adapts to your progress and schedules card repetitions for you. If you get the wrong answer, it prioritizes the card for future exercise, and if you get the right answer it gives the card lower priority.

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