5 Fun Student Perks That Can Help College Students Stretch Their Dollars

Did you know that seniors, young children, and members of the Armed Forces are not the only people who are eligible for money-saving discounts? College students armed with a valid student ID card and school e-mail address are also privy to stellar penny-pinching savings, which is good news indeed for cash-strapped students looking to get the most mileage out of their last few bucks.

  1. Student discounts at the movies. If you’re looking for a relatively cheap and fun way to spend two hours, gather up a group of your friends and head to the movies. Many cinemas offer student ticket prices that are typically on par with matinee pricing. This means that you’ll have a few bucks left over to split a bucket of popcorn between you and your friends as you all indulge in the latest blockbuster. Just remember that some theaters don’t allow for student pricing on the weekends or opening nights, so make your plans accordingly.
  2. Student discounts at your favorite stores. Shopping is most certainly a luxury for college students and retailers know this. To encourage even the most frugal of students to shop, as well as to cut cash-strapped students a break, many retailers offer regular student discounts. For example, college clotheshorses can save 15 percent off every full-priced purchase from J.Crew and Banana Republic. Gadget lovers can benefit as well with the special education pricing on computers and software from Apple. Go to the Apple website to see if you qualify for education pricing.
  3. Student discounts on your phone plans. All of those phone calls to your friends and family back home can get costly. Luckily, some cell phone providers offer student discounts to keep college kids connected without breaking the bank. For example, AT&T has partnerships with colleges across the nation to offer students of those colleges specialty pricing on phones and plans. Some lucky students may even qualify for a student discount on the new, highly-coveted iPhone 4 service plan!
  4. Student discounts on travel. College students studying out of state or abroad will undoubtedly be utilizing the local airport a lot during their educational career. Though frequent flyer miles are great, having upfront discounts on plane tickets can be even better. Companies like STA Travel and Student Universe serve college students and educators, providing them with discounted ticket fare as well as organizing things like travel insurance and travel documents. Even many bus and rail services offer student pricing, so be sure to check with your local transportation authorities to determine if you can purchase student rate tickets.
  5. Student discounts on stage shows. Many theatres that feature stage shows, including the glitzy and glamorous Broadway shows in New York City, offer student rush tickets. These tickets are sold on the day of the show in order to get rid of any unsold seats. Student rush tickets typically go on sale a few hours before the show begins and come at a greatly discounted price, so if you are interested in catching a particularly popular show, it is advisable to go to the box office when it first opens in the morning to snag a seat. Check with your local theatre to see if the show you are interested in attending offers student rush tickets.

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