The iPhone Can Be Your Best Study Partner

Students on a tight budget looking for another reason to buy an iPhone may have a pretty good one this time. The iPhone can help you with school. Seriously, now that you are hundreds of miles away from home, you can no longer rely on your mom to quiz you on vocabulary. In addition, your roommate probably wouldn’t care to act as a stand-in study partner either. If you study best when you are interacting with someone, and all the good study buddies are taken, the iPhone could just be your new best study partner.

English: Need to get through your English literature class but don’t have time to pour through the classics? You can prepare for your next quiz right on your iPhone by using the CliffsNotes To Go app. Whether you need quick overviews or in-depth descriptions, this app lets you access chapter, character, theme, and plot summaries. And once you have reviewed the material, you can use the interactive quiz feature to test yourself, or create a customized “cram plan” to guide you through a study session.

Science and Math: Need to know chemical elements like the back of your hand to pass Chemistry? You can with an app like Periodic, a complete reference to the Periodic Table of Elements. This app can organize all 118 elements by name, chemical group, atomic number, phase, and symbol. It also provides a detailed look at each element’s electron configuration, atomic weight, melting point and boiling point, as well as atomic radius and ionic radius.

If you are about to enroll in a college algebra course and need a little help brushing up on your skills, myDigitalMath Algebra can help. This app allows you to review fundamental concepts like functions, graphs, quadratic equations, and exponentials. It also provides comprehensive information about important definitions, properties, and procedures, as well as access to high quality videos and step-by-step presentations of examples.

Everything Else: Cram iPhone is a personal study tool that uses customizable flashcards and multiple choice tests. Have an upcoming test for your art appreciation class? Use Cram to download images of important works of art and use them as visual cues while studying. Not only does this app let you customize your own practice tests, but it allows you to access a large test database and even download tests from friends. Cram keeps track of your test performance, so that you can determine what information you know and what you need to keep reviewing. And you’re in luck if you have a Mac computer because the Cram Mac application syncs right along with the iPhone, so that you can be studying whether you are on your desktop or on the go.

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