10 Bachelor’s Degrees With the Very Best Pay Off

Want to make a good living without going to school for ages? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are some of the best paying jobs you can get just by earning a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Information Systems Manager. Earning a median annual salary of $112,210, these types of managers administer technology within organizations. They usually have a degree in a computer-related field like computer science, information science, or management information systems.
  2. Financial manager. Organizations employ these types of managers to supervise the preparation of financial reports, investments, and strategies. Typically holding a degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration, financial managers earn a median annual salary of $99,330.
  3. Actuary. Essential to the insurance industry, actuaries help to create policies for clients by assessing risks and minimizing costs. To earn a median annual wage of $84,810, actuaries hold a degree in statistics, mathematics, finance, economics, or business.
  4. Engineer. Using the principles of science and mathematics, engineers find solutions for technical problems. With mean annual salaries ranging from 74,920 for mechanical engineers to $84,680 for chemical engineers, salaries are good no matter what area a degree is earned in.
  5. Sales Representative. By generating customer interest and arranging the sale of merchandise, representatives earn a median annual wage of $70,200. Even though not all positions require it, the best employment opportunities are available to those with a degree in related areas like marketing, business, or advertising.
  6. Database Administrator. These types of administrators earn a median annual salary of $69,740 by working with database management software. Qualified individuals usually have degrees in computer-related fields like computer science, information technology, or management information systems.
  7. Computer Programmer. Writing computer programs earns these types of programmers a median annual salary of $69,620. Those with degrees in computer-related areas like computer science, mathematics, or information systems, will have the best opportunities.
  8. Personal Financial Planner. These types of planners earn a median annual salary of $69,050 by assisting individuals and helping them manage their finances. They generally have a degree in the area of accounting, finance, mathematics, business, or economics.
  9. Registered Nurse. By helping and providing treatment to medical patients, nurses earn a median annual salary of $62,450. Although there are a few educational paths to becoming a nurse, those who hold a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing will have the best financial and advancement opportunities.
  10. Accountant. These money managers make sure that a firm’s finances are managed properly and that all records are kept up to date. To earn a median annual salary of $59,430, one must earn a degree in accounting or a related field like business, finance, or economics.


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