Becoming More Engaged in Class Results in Better Grades and Educational Experiences

Being an engaged student can have serious effects on your education. By regularly attending class, taking notes, and fostering relationships with classmates, students can dramatically improve the quality of their grades and overall college experiences. With a few easy tips, all students can work to become better and more participatory students.

The first step to becoming a more engaged student is regularly attending all of your classes. Missing classes or arriving late can lead students to miss out on very important information professors provide during these classes. Poor attendance can also cause students to miss assignments, pop quizzes, and important dates for tests and research papers, which can seriously and negatively affect students’ grades. Attending class might be harder for some students, especially if the classes are at 8am, but regularly being present can seriously improve your classroom experience. For example, attending class will reduce the risk you miss a surprise assignment or quiz, which could dramatically boost your grade. It will also provide you with a better grasp on the subject matter as a whole, which can also improve your grades on papers and tests. It is also important to note that many professors even provide present students with extra credit just for showing up. This extra credit is especially important for classes where you might be struggling with the subject matter.

When attending class, students should arrive fully prepared. This includes completing all assignments on time, reading all required texts, and turning in any due homework. Thorough preparation will improve students’ confidence and self-assurance in the subject, which could also lead to improved grades and a more positive learning environment. To remain engaged during class, students should actively take notes on the professor’s presentation, slide show, or lecture. Not only will writing the information on paper improve your grasp of the subject, but these notes will also serve as invaluable study guides for tests. Also, professors can often provide students with hints regarding which sections of their lectures will be the most important for test reviews.

It is also important for students to become acquainted with other class members and their professor. By fostering relationships with other students, you can facilitate your learning with shared ideas, diverse opinions, and study groups. And should you have to miss a class for a medical or personal emergency, these classroom friends can provide you with any missed notes and help you review the material. Making yourself known to the professor will prove your commitment to the class, and even open the lines of communication should you need additional assistance with a particularly troublesome assignment.

Overall, being an engaged student and actively participating in your classes can have profound effects on your college experience. With simple activities, like taking notes and making friends, you can improve your grades and the quality of your education.

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