It Pays to Learn for Single Moms in Israel

When there is only one parent around, the responsibilities of running a household, raising the children, and earning a living fall on a single pair of shoulders. This is a problem for single mothers everywhere, who often find themselves giving up on college and the potential to make more money in exchange to make ends meet at that immediate moment. Thankfully, one school in Israel is making an effort to change the lives of single mothers and their children by making higher education possible and profitable.

Tel Hai Academic College has decided to reach out to single moms with an academic degree program that meets their needs. Not only is the program free, it also includes childcare services during class and study hours, and an annual grant of $1,660 for each individual student. To generate interest, Tel Hai put out ads in local newspapers calling for local single mothers to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program free-of-charge. Almost immediately, the administration office was receiving calls from interested women from all over area. After going through applications, Tel Hai ended up accepted 40 women who were over 30 years old into the program that will begin within the next school year. These single mothers will enroll as students in the interdisciplinary department, and their studies will eventually result in a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Although the coursework is meant to be spread throughout four years, it is a flexible program where mothers can take longer to finish if needed. To ensure success, they will also be assigned mentors to guide them in their education and experience the peace of knowing that their children are being taken care of by other students involved in the Perach Tutorial Project.

Tel Hai Academic College is an institution of higher education located in the Upper Galilee region of Israel that strives to advocate economic and social development within the area. One of this college’s missions is to go beyond traditional college students and meet the educational needs of people from a variety of backgrounds. Not only is this college trying to reach out to single mothers, they also make efforts to recruit those who may not feel so academically inclined. About 15 percent of their students have learning disabilities, and to help them, Tel Hai has a Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities. This center provides support for students and teaches them learning strategies and study skills so that they can succeed in attaining an education. This college also promotes the education of senior citizens and encourages them to enroll in or audit courses, as well as provides continuing education and professional training programs for those who never completed matriculation exams. Around 4,000 students throughout the country take advantage of the academic and continuing education programs provided by the college. It has become one of the fastest-growing schools in the country due to its offering of advanced studies, individualized teaching methods, tolerance standards, community service involvement, and environmental protection initiatives.

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