6 Best Cities for Starting Out (or Starting Over)

Whether you’re a recent college graduate hoping to gain your financial footing or just looking to start over in a new city, there is certainly somewhere for everyone. The following six cities are deemed the best places to live based on their demographics, job opportunities, average salary, and social scene. If you’re not living in one of these thriving cities, you just may be missing out.

  1. Austin, Texas: Living costs in Austin are below the national average, and Austin has the fourth-lowest jobless rate of cities with a population of 1 million people or more. As home to 8 colleges and universities, Austin has a vibrant social scene and cultural community for young adults and families.
  2. Portland, Oregon: Rent in Portland is below the national average in this small, progressive city. If you’re a techie or creative spirit, you will find plenty of employment opportunities here.
  3. Chicago, Illinois: Chicago offers a big-city lifestyle and culture at a much more reasonable price. Rent and cost of living is extremely low compared to New York, but the city offers many high-paying jobs in business and finance.
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina: Charlotte’s rapid growth has made it the second-largest banking center in the U.S. There are excellent entry-level job opportunities here, and the cost of living is well below the national average.
  5. Houston, Texas: Another booming city, Houston offers strong energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation and health care sectors, and 25 Fortune 500 companies have headquarters here. If you can handle the traffic and humidity, you’ll enjoy an extremely low cost of living in this huge city.
  6. New York, New York: Despite the high cost of living here, there’s still no place for recent graduates like New York City. The job prospects here are incomparable, and the public transportation system makes it easy to live further outside the city on a smaller paycheck.

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