6 Surprising Stats About Graduate Degree Holders

If you’re thinking about graduate school, then it’s important to know the facts. We found some surprising ones that demonstrate the growth of advanced education in the U.S. and how vital a graduate degree is to improved career prospects.

  1. The Northeast has the greatest density of graduate degree holders; they make up about 16% of the population.
  2. The unemployment rate among graduate degree holders is much lower than it is among the general population, ranging from 2.1 to 4.6%. The overall national unemployment rate in 2010 is around 10%.
  3. Sixty percent of the Master’s degree in the U.S. are earned by women. These figures for women are expected to grow over the coming decades/
  4. Whites hold about 66% of the awarded master’s degrees and 57% of doctoral degrees. While the number of Hispanics and blacks enrolled in graduate programs is increasing, there are still far fewer minorities enrolled in graduate programs.
  5. The number of doctoral degree holders has increased 28% over the last ten years. Whether for improved job prospects or personal interest, Americans are going to school longer than they used to.
  6. Fourteen percent of online courses are graduate level. As more and more colleges offer online options, 1 in 10 graduate degree students will complete at least one course entirely online.

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