Top 6 Job Trends to Watch in 2011

It will soon be the start of a new year, and for many people, that means new beginnings and adventures. While occupations and professions are hardly disposable, many people try to start off the new year right in their professions. Some individuals may choose to follow a new career path, while fresh, new graduates are searching for and analyzing high demand occupations. As Suite 101 puts it, aside from a prediction of more college graduates being hired, there are some occupational and career fields that will be more promising than others in 2011. Here are some of the high salary and in-demand career fields that will be highly sought after in 2011.

  1. Healthcare: The healthcare field is expected to grow at an increasingly rapid rate over the next several years, including 2011. The field is expected to see wide growth overall, but it will be especially high for specific careers. Such careers include registered nurses, physicians assistants, and physical therapists. The average salary for these jobs is between $60,000 and $80,000. Employment opportunities for registered nurses are expected to increase 22% in the next several years, while opportunities for physician assistants will grow by almost 40%, and physical therapists careers are expected to grow by about 30%.
  2. Business and Finance: The business field covers a number of companies and industries which has plenty of sectors and growth opportunities in terms of employment. Due largely to overall business growth and constantly changing finance laws, financial sectors are expected to experience large growth boosts. Accountants and financial auditors, advisors, and analysts will be in high demand, with an expected job growth by more than 22%, depending on profession, in the next several years. Average salaries for financial accountants, auditors, and analysts are between $60,000 and about $73,000.
  3. Information Technology and Computer Systems: Information technology jobs, also commonly known as IT jobs, and computer system jobs are on the rise. Many jobs in this area will be on the rise, with administrators, developers, and network engineers with the highest growth opportunities. In addition, many IT jobs offer annual salary averages of around $90,000 for experienced workers.
  4. Education:The education field is expected to grow greatly over the next few years as well. Several jobs in the field are expected to see increases, but the most job opportunities will be in teaching. Occupations for all level teachers is expected to increase by 13%, adding more than 468,000 teaching jobs in the next several years. Median annual wages for all level teachers range between $47,000 and $51,000.
  5. Marketing and Advertising: Marketing and advertising fields include promotions, public relations, advertising, and a number of other occupations. Growth in television and radio stations will produce a greater need for advertising in the coming years, as well as an increase in digital media advertisements on the Internet and other devices. Marketing managers are expected to increase by 15%, while overall employment in promotions, marketing, public relations, and sales managers is expected to increase by 13%.
  6. Customer Service: Customer service representatives currently rank amongst some of the largest occupations. Accounting for more than 2 million jobs in 2008, customer service representatives can be found in almost every industry. Overall employment for customer service representatives is expected to grow by about 18%, bringing about 400,000 in the next several years.


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