Your iEducation: Apple Products That Can Help You Study

One thing many students cannot live without these days are computers or laptops. They enable students to do the research needed for their studies, provide programs to work on essays, papers, reports, and spreadsheets, and offer several other options to help students with their studies and classwork. Many colleges and universities also have online accounts set up for students to check lectures, schedules, grades, and interact with their professors and other students, which makes computers almost a necessity. Technology is constantly changing and becoming better, and it is no different with Apple products. Many of the Apple products offer students much more than just internet access and programs to do your work on as stated on Apple.

  • iPod: An iPod is not only for listening to music anymore. iPods allow users to download study materials and guides that can be very beneficial to helping students study. For instance, some applications offered for iPods contain versions of Spark Notes that can be used to get book summaries and analyses. Other study guide applications available for download through your iPod include Raybook, which uses audio and video flash cards, and SparkCharts, which helps students study for tests. iPods also allow students to download podcasts and audio books which they can listen to and watch to learn information on a variety of subjects and topics.
  • iPhone: An iPhone can come in very handy when it comes to studying as well. The popular phone has hundreds of applications that are available for download for a variety of purposes. Some iPhone applications cater specifically to students with the interest of giving them options for convenient studying and time management. iFlipr, which allows users to create and share digital flash-cards, myHomework, which helps students keep track of homework, projects, and exam dates, and WikiMobile, which basically serves as a massive encyclopedia available in 32 languages, are a few of the vast number of applications around to help with studying.
  • iMac: iMacs and MacBooks are both equally convenient when it comes to studying and school work. iMacs are desktop computers and MacBooks are laptops. Both devices enable users to use the internet to search for anything they may need to research, as well as offers many programs and applications that can help students with their work. Some applications include GarageBand, which can be used to create podcasts, and Dictionary, which can help better understand words or phrases in question. In addition, iWork, serves as an office suite of applications that allows users to upload and share documents, create word processing templates, create and play presentations, and create spreadsheet applications that organize tables, charts, and graphs.
  • iPad: iPads, the newest of Apple’s products, are pretty similiar to iMacs and MacBooks, but are easier to carry around. It is important, though, to remember that the iPad is more limited than a laptop of desktop because it does not have all the storage space and capabilities a real computer does. However, it can be useful for studying, as it is convenient for email, reading books and reviews, researching on the internet, and also offers some great applications for studying. Applications include subject specific math, science, and history applications such as Mathematical Formulas, Chemistry Formulas, and World History Atlas. Several other study tool applications are available as well for download such as Evernote and iStudiez Pro.

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