Travel Tips for Frequent Student Flyers

With the holiday season upon us, many students will be flying back and forth from their school towns back home or on vacations away from home with family or friends. Some students even travel heavily at different times during the year, due to various commitments or to just get away from the stress of school life. Either way, frequent student fliers should have flying procedures and practices in place to make traveling easier. Especially in recent years, as security measures and procedures have been beefed up, and tend to take longer than they used to. The Transportation Security Administration has posted important things to know to make airport travel a little less hectic and time consuming, and a little more convenient.

Getting to the airport can be time consuming, especially if you live in a larger city or need to travel a bit to get to the airport closest to you. If travel dates and times are flexible, it is best to try to avoid travel on common travel days, such as Fridays, when traffic tends to be a bit heavy. Departure and arrival times can also determine longer traffic waits, as it is best to to try get to and from the airport when traffic is not heavy, such as rush hour times, which depending on the city you live in can be between 6am- 9am and 3pm- 7 pm.

Once travelers are at the airport, they are faced again, with convenience and time issues. Being dropped off at the airport can save travelers quite a bit of time, because they will not have to drive through parking garages to find parking spaces, and take shuttles to their carrier kiosks. Getting a ride to and from the airport will get travelers dropped off and picked up right outside the airport entrance and will eliminate having to pay, often hefty, daily parking fees.

Printing out boarding passes and checking in online ahead of time can also help travelers move through the airport at a quicker rate. Not having to wait in line to check-in and/or print boarding passes, can save you travelers at least a couple of minutes- even in lower populated airports and during off peak times. Baggage check can also be included in this category, as checking baggage can also set you back some time. While extended stays may make baggage check necessary, if it is possible to travel with a carry on, it is probably best to do so.

If you travel in the same airport frequently, you should get to know policies and procedures to help get you through it quickly and effectively. Some airport security measures and procedures vary slightly, so it’s good to know what you will need to do to make getting through the security lane as quick as possible. It is best to learn what articles of clothing need to be removed, what the policies are on checking laptops, and what is allowed on carry on baggage. For those that aren’t familiar with the airport, it is a good idea to check with the airline you plan on traveling with.

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