6 Best Careers for Creative Types

Creative types usually have a better chance for opportunities in certain careers. For those that are creative, there are plenty of jobs out there to cater to your creativity needs, and that normally does not include jobs that deal with inputting data, working with numbers and formulas, or arguing with upset customers. Education.com points out that there are different types of creative people as well as their respective characteristics, but what about the types of jobs that are ideal for these creative personalities? The following are some of the best careers for creative individuals.

  1. Graphic Designer: The work of graphic designers must be carefully thought out, planned, and executed. They work with a variety of images, sounds, illustrations, colors, media, and animations to create visuals that enhance or advertise a service, product, idea, or solution. The work they do often reflects on the company or service they are promoting, so it is important for them to be creative and skilled.
  2. Photographer: There is a lot more that goes into photography than just taking pictures. Photographers need to be very creative and know what lighting and angles work best with the type of picture they are trying to create. Having creativity will help to spot a perfect background, use lighting and shadows that will bring out or darken subjects in the photos, and know what technique to use to get the effect that is meant in the photo.
  3. Interior Designer: With responsibilities such as sketching, designing, planning, and arranging, interior designers need to be very creative. Because they work with a variety of people, they must be able to cater to the needs of different people’s tastes and personalities. Interior designers must have an eye for their client’s preferences and be able to color coordinate, mix and match, and budget for their client’s needs.
  4. Web Designer: As the internet continues to dominate stores, products, and services, web design is especially important. Web designers need to be skilled in design to create content and designs that are artistic and effective in getting the attention of Internet users. With so much competition online, skilled web designers are important to keep websites looking their best.
  5. Hair and/or Makeup Artists: People who work and specialize in hair, makeup, and nails need to be able to make dazzling designs come to life. They cater to a variety of clients that often know exactly what they want, and that means that these specialists need to know exactly what they are doing. Many clients may also leave styles, cuts, colors, and designs up to the specialist, so it is important to be creative and know what they are looking for before they start.
  6. Arts or Drama Teacher: Teachers at any level should be creative because they need to find interesting ways to get students to pay attention, learn, and retain information. This is especially true for teachers of art, drama, and music. They need to be able to come up with learning experiences for their students, teach students how to express their own creativity, and incorporate a number of arts to teach students creativity.

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