5 Fastest-Growing Science Jobs

Students studying science have a good variety of options when it comes to their job search and career opportunities after college. Science can pertain to a number of well-paying specialties including computer science, medical science, and biological sciences. An article in Fastweb talks about the fastest growing careers with science and engineering fields being among the best and fastest-growing. Here are 5 jobs that are amongst some of the fastest growing in the science field.

  1. Environmental science technician: Growing much faster than the average profession, environmental science technicians are expected to grow by 29% in the coming years, adding more than 10,000 new jobs. Environmental science technicians conduct tests to monitor environmental resources and determine what types of pollutants, contaminants, and hazardous materials exist. They may be responsible for waste management operations as well, as management and control of hazardous waste must be regulated and approved.
  2. Forensic science technician:Forensic science technicians are expected to grow by 20% in the next few years. Forensic science technicians investigate crimes by testing and analyzing physical evidence that is collected at crime scenes. They work and tests bodily fluids, gun ballistics and bullet fragments, tissue, hair, and fibers, and create reports on their findings. They must handle and store evidence very carefully in order to not contaminate it, and are often called to court in criminal trials to give testimony as expert witnesses.
  3. Medical Scientist:The job outlook for medical scientists estimate that positions in the field will increase by 40%, adding more than 44,000 jobs in the next several years. Medical scientists research human diseases and conditions with the intentions of improving overall health by conducting research and studies with viruses, bacteria, and infectious cells and organisms. They generally work in research laboratories at universities, hospitals, and with other research organizations.
  4. Computer software engineer: Expected to grow much faster than the average occupation currently and in the next several years, computer software engineers are expected to see job increases by 32%, adding more than 295,000 jobs to the field.  Computer software engineers develop and design software through the use of theories and principles of computer science and mathematical analyses to make computers run efficiently and effectively.  Their designs include software, computer games and applications, programs, operating systems, and control systems, among many others.
  5. Computer systems analyst: Also expected to grow much faster than the average occupation, computer systems analyst occupations are expected to see an increase in job openings by about 20%, adding more than 108,00 new jobs in the next several years.  They work with businesses and organizations to see what types of technologies the businesses will need to work successfully.  They use information technology, also commonly referred to as IT, to see what systems, computers, and technologies work best with what they are trying to accomplish and what type of business will be conducted on the computers.

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