Are Dogs Man’s Best Friend During Final Exams?

It’s no surprise that come finals time, students are stressed, nervous, frustrated, and in need of some serious R & R. School is stressful enough, but with the added stress and worries that come along with finals, administrators and professors across the country have turned to looking for ways to ease for students and the sleepless nights they endure. Students deal with the stress and frustrations of being sleep-deprived and studying for finals in a number of ways. And some colleges and universities set up festivals, concerts, or social gatherings to get studying off the brain. While some students choose working out, venting, group studying, or meeting up for study breaks as a way to relieve stress, others use dogs as stated in The Boston Globe .

Aside from worrying about studying for finals and turning in papers, projects, and assignments that are usually due at the end of the semester, students also have to worry about their grades as well. Students have the added pressure of worrying about keeping up their GPAs, losing grant, loan, or scholarship money if their grades aren’t kept up, and what classes they will need to take the following semester. Those students that are ready to graduate are also faced with the realities of life after college. Students on their last semesters have the added worry about whether or not they will graduate and how they will pursue careers in a suffering job market.

As mentioned in the article, the current generation of college students are expected to be the most educated in history. However, with rising school and living costs, and living with pressures of expectations from other peers and elders, students are saying that stress levels are highly intensified. And with students opting to further their educations to pursue graduate studies, the realization of the job market sets in for them. Some students know that they have been in graduate programs and some of their peers that entered the job market as soon as they graduated are still looking for jobs, which can be extremely detrimental.

So for many students, anything to get their mind off of stress, school, and finals, just for a bit, is relieving. There’s a reason dogs are known to be man’s best friend. For many students playing with dogs is something they like to do and that makes them happy, which can definitely be a stress reliever. Often times, while stressed, many students turn to ways of relieving stress, such as drinking or partying, that can make situations worse by causing depression or anxiety. Releasing stress through programs such as playing with dogs, as at Northwestern University in Massachusetts, gives students that want to relax without drinking or partying other options.

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