Keeping in Touch When Away at School

Technology has surely come a long way since large, bulky desktop computers and phones that actually have a wire and plug into the wall. Todays generation is used to technology and gadgets that are compact and convenient. This may be the reason why communication is hardly an issue when you are not in the same place as friends, family, or loved ones. With today’s ever changing technology, software, and applications, keeping in touch with friends and loved ones is easy and convenient. Here, we will take a look at some gadgets and services that allow people to keep in contact with each other, even when they are on the other side of the world.

  1. Webcam: One of the most common ways to keep in touch with people you cannot see on a daily basis in person, is through webcams. They can be used for video chats and conferencing and broadcasting through the use of email and instant messaging programs. Some computers and laptops come with webcams already built in for convenient use, or webcams can be purchased alone for as little as $20.
  2. Skype: Used by millions of people, Skype is a software application that allows people from all over the world to chat with one another. Skype allows users to video chat, voice call, send instant messages and share files free of charge. According to Skype, at peak times, there are 23 million users online using this service.
  3. iPhone: The iPhone is pretty much known for all the convenient applications and purposes it serves. Facetime, one of the most popular features on the iPhone, allows users to video chat through the phone’s own Wi-Fi connection. There are also other services that can be downloaded through the iPhone, including Skype.
  4. iChat or IM: Instant messaging is a great way to keep in touch with people. Instant messengers allow users to exchange messages and carry chats with one another. Many providers offer instant messaging capabilities including Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live, and Apple computers, amongst others, free of charge. Computers and laptops equipped with webcams, are also capable of video chatting as well.
  5. WhatsApp: A smartphone messaging application which can be used through BlackBerrys, iPhones, Androids, and Nokias, WhatsApp allows people to exchange messages for free. In addition, WhatsApp allows users with smartphones, regardless of carrier, to exchange images, and video and audio messages.
  6. Qik: A free video chat application, Qik can be downloaded onto a number of phones, making it extremely versatile and convenient. The program allows users with over a hundred different phone types to video chat, share videos, and blog. Qik supports a wide variety of phones including the iPhone, HTC, EVO, BlackBerry, Palm, Google, and Motorola phones, among several others.

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