6 Resolutions to Revamp Your Career This Year

It’s that time of year again- everyone is making their typical New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, save money, and exercise, which are all great and positive resolutions, but what about resolutions involved with your career? Since your career is likely the most time-consuming part of your day, resolutions to help your career could make a huge difference in your everyday life. Here are some ideas to think about when it comes to making resolutions to restore your career.

  1. Set goals- Everyone would love to enjoy their job more, work great in a team, continue to grow, and get promoted, but it is easy to lose sight when you don’t really know what you want out of your career. Sit down, give it some serious thought, and make a list of goals you wish to meet in your career this year. This way, they are clear and you can be reminded of them on a daily basis.
  2. Be mindful and set examples- Regardless of your position in your company, you should always follow the rules. Whether it’s being on time in the morning or returning from lunch in a punctual manner, following the rules is always important. You never know if it will affect you later when it comes to raises, bonuses, and promotions. Managers and supervisors notice the behavior of their employees and what goes on in the office, whether you are aware of it or not, so strive to be responsible in the workplace.
  3. Treat everyone equally- Treating your coworkers well, no matter what their job is, should really go without saying. An article in Freedom, a personal development blog, talks about how all coworkers should act like a team and be willing to help each other out. You never know when you will need someone’s help later, so treating everyone fairly and equally can certainly do a lot for your career.
  4. Get involved- Getting involved in projects at work, in quality time with your coworkers, and in conversations with your boss is a good way to advance in your career. Having conversations with your boss or manager about your work, how you are doing, and what your goals are lets them know what is going on with you. It’s also a good way to be sure you are doing your job right and a good opportunity for feedback.
  5. Learn new things- With the stress of life and work, it is easy to distance yourself and not make yourself available at work. Take the time to help other coworkers or learn about other aspects of the company and what others do. Learning new things at work is always beneficial, so this could be the way to learn new things while helping others and getting to know your coworkers.
  6. Stay focused- Obviously, some days at work are going to be harder than others. Bad days at work are going to happen, so remember that they are inevitable, and just as with everything in life, some days are less than perfect. The key is to not let it affect your job and your performance and to move on from it. Make it your resolution to stay focused and continue to give your job 100% of your efforts all of the time.

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