Tricks to Regaining Your Laptop’s Speed

We all know the feeling of wanting to rip our hair out when the computer we are using is taking way too long to load or pull up something. What most people do not realize, is that the solution to a slow computer can usually be fixed very easily. Qozan points out things and reasons that make your computer slower, and here, we will discuss some ways to get your laptop or computer running back up to normal speed.

  • Clean up your computer- You’d be surprised at how much space programs and old or bulky files can take up on your computer- especially when you have several that you don’t use. To take a look at your programs and files, search through your control panels and identify programs that you do not use or will not be using in the future. Be sure to delete unnecessary large files, and remove and uninstall the programs you do not need to ensure they are removed from your computer. In addition, emptying the trash bin on your computer regularly could also help speed up your computer as well.
  • Defragment on a regular basis- Over time, as you continue to add files to your computer, your hard drive space becomes limited. As you delete and move files, the spaces in which these files were located become empty. Defragmenting your computer will clean up your drive and organize files together so that they are not out of order, which makes them easier and quicker to find. Defragmenting your computer could take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on your computer and memory space, and has step by step instructions for those that may need help with defragmenting.
  • Turn off background programs- Nowadays computers come packed with programs and services that half of us don’t really use. Background services and programs that are on your computer that you do not need should be turned off. It’s possible that these can be making your computer a little slow, so check through your services and start-up programs. Turn off or disable the ones that you don’t need or want to start automatically when your computer starts up. This can be done by looking through your control panel or with the help of a simple Google search, for further assistance.
  • Keep your computer free of malicious content- Keeping your computer clean and free of viruses is important for the functioning and speed of your computer. The registry is a very important part of the computer, and problems with the registry can create bigger problems with your computer. Scanning and cleaning your registry regularly can help eliminate the chances of freezes and slow computers. In addition, be sure to run regular security scans to ensure that spywares, malwares, viruses, and other dangerous content do not ruin your computer system.

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