What Your School’s Career Counselors Can Do For You

Career counselors are available in schools and institutions across the country to assist students in choosing and pursuing the career paths they wish to follow. They serve as advisors, confidants, and assistants to their clients or students, helping them in any way they can to achieve their career and professional goals. Many students do not have a career path or clear set of goals when they start school and career counselors and advisors are crucial to helping students set goals and follow paths, as stated in Wallet Pop.

Some programs and careers that students are interested in pursuing require candidates to have certain training and/or to have successfully completed an exam or placement test. Career counselors provide students with the information they need to make sure they are eligible to apply based on those requirements. This may include finding times and places of certain required tests, placement programs, and training certification information. They inform students of deadlines to apply for tests, assist them in signing up for tests, and may help them attain material available to help them study.

In addition to providing information on education and training requirements to students, they also help students pick their courses, and set goals and guidelines to follow. This ensures that students are on the right path and doing everything necessary to pursue their goals and careers. Career counselors research program types and what classes need to be taken and successfully completed in order to qualify for further education or certain jobs. This may also include informing students of GPA, extracurricular activities, and other academic requirements.

Career counselors also help students develop the skills needed to successfully search for jobs and aid them in their job search. Based off information and interests of the students, they seek information to give to students on certain careers and professions. They offer information on benefits, salary, and other important aspects of jobs to help students make the best possible decision for career opportunities. They may help students with their resumes, aid them in the application process, offer them interview tips and etiquette, show them how to stand out from other candidates, and how to follow up with potential employers when necessary.

Career counselors also help with providing support and offering advice to those who have been affected by career issues. Such support is offered to people who have been laid off, terminated, or experiencing high levels of stress due to their jobs. They also guide individuals who need help with advice on personal issues in the workplace such as unfair work ethics, harassment, discrimination, or any other issues that may trouble individuals in the workplace.

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