5 Surprising Careers That Require Graduate Degrees

Fresh from completing an undergraduate degree program and earning their degrees, many graduates pursue careers in their respective fields. Recent reports suggest that a growing number of jobs will require more than a bachelor degree according to an article in the Dayton Daily News. While it is known that a bachelor degree will be enough for plenty of jobs in the market, there are some surprising careers that do require candidates to possess a graduate degree. Here, we will take a look at some of the careers that require a graduate degree.

  1. School Counselor: While educational and training requirements are likely to vary by state, licensed school counselors are required to have a masters degree. Degree programs for counselors usually specialize in education, psychology, or human services include courses in human growth and development, theories and techniques related to counseling, and social diversity and relationships. School counselors can help students with a number of things including behavioral issues, problems at home, alcohol or drug issues, general education counseling, and educational and professional planning.
  2. College Professor: Many college professors need at least a masters degree to teach. Educational and experience requirements will vary between institutions, depending greatly on what type of school or programs are involved. While most research universities and some 4 year universities require their professors to possess doctorate degrees, many hire professors with master degrees in their fields. Many colleges and institutions also prefer that candidates have some teaching experience as well.
  3. Librarian: Most librarian positions require a masters degree in library science, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, most library science programs require students to also have a bachelor degree. While licensing requirements will vary by state, many librarians in schools are also required to have earned a teaching certificate in that state. Librarians are present in libraries to help users find books and research they are seeking, provide technical services, recommend material, and assist with any help or questions users may have.
  4. Special Education Teacher: All special education teachers must have at least a bachelor degree and the completion of an approved training program to be licensed by the state in which they teach. However, many states also require that special education teachers also have a masters degree as well. These teachers work with students who have a variety of disabilities that may affect them mentally, physically, and/or emotionally.
  5. Social Worker: Entry level social work occupations generally require candidates to possess at least a bachelors degree. However, many professions in social work do require a masters degree in social work for positions in health, clinical, and school settings. They are generally responsible for helping people identify, cope, and solve issues in their lives. Social workers can work in a number of settings including hospitals, local and state government, and family services.

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