Steps for the Struggling Student

It’s quite common for students, at some point in their college education, to struggle with one or more courses. Whether it is because of a job, a course overload, lousy time management, or piling up assignments and studying, its pretty likely for it to happen at some point. Time management can be an important factor in whether college students struggle with their class work, according to which lists some tips for managing time amongst college students. However, there are several other things students can look into, should they find themselves struggling their classes.

  • Get to know your professor- Often overlooked and underrated, getting to know your professors and meeting with them is beneficial to you. Take the time to meet with your professors during office hours or after class. This way, should you find yourself struggling in class a bit, it won’t be difficult or intimidating for you to approach your professor. It also lets him or or her know that you have in interest in them, their class, and for the assignments they create.
  • Ask for a deadline extension- Asking your professor for a deadline extension is another possible solution for the struggling student. Take a couple of minutes to set your professor aside and let them know what is going on with your work and assignments, and that you are struggling. Be honest and up-front and ask if there is a possibility of an extension on the assignment or project. Even if you feel uneasy about it, ask anyway- the worst your professor can do is not give you the opportunity to do so.
  • Attend study groups and tutorial sessions- Find out what study groups and tutorial sessions exist in your programs and on your campus. Meeting with other students and having them explain concepts to you can make it easier for you to understand. Going to a tutor can not only help you with your assignments and studying, but may help you if your professor knows you are trying as well.
  • Take advantage of extra credit assignments- While at times, extra credit assignments offer few extra points, these points could make a difference in your grade, and show your professor that you are willing to work hard for your grade. Also, some professors offer extra credit assignments throughout the semester, and it is a good idea to take advantage of those opportunities when you can, because you never know when you will need those extra points.
  • Don’t give up- It’s very easy for a struggling student that thinks they are not going to pass a class to give up. While giving up may seem like the easiest thing to do sometimes, it is best to keep your head up and continue to move forward. Put in all the time and effort you have in getting up to speed in your course, and not always, but in some cases, your professor may see your dedication and attempts and allow you to get back on track.

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