Seek Part-Time Work During Your Full-Time Job Search

It is quite the common occurrence – you have finished school and earned your degree, and now the pressure to find a job is on. Yet, when the job search begins to get a little frustrating, especially when you have bills to pay and you need to be making money, you may have to consider finding a part-time job while you do your full-time career research. Finding a part-time job doesn’t have to be hard or daunting, as some employers prefer to hire part-time employees so that they do not have to provide them with benefits, according to Job Searching. If you find yourself in this position, there are quick and easy part-time jobs to look into while you search for your dream career.

  • Telecommuting jobs – Telecommuting is a good way to earn some cash while working on your own time schedule and at your own pace. It also allows you plenty of time to look for full-time employment! Browse Craigslist, classified advertisements, and other sources for companies and employers looking to hire people who can work from home through the Internet a couple of hours each day. Other good options for telecommuters may be found in online newspapers and publications, as well as websites that offer reviews for the general public. Be sure to look into your sources and the employers you may be interested in before sending e-mails that contain your resume and personal information.
  • Temp jobs – Many companies and business have contracts and agreements with temporary agencies, also commonly referred to as "temp agencies." These have temporary workers fill in for employees who are sick, on maternity leave, or on vacation. Job responsibilities assigned to temps usually include general duties, such as answering phones, greeting clients, and filing paperwork. Temp jobs are available in just about any field and are good because you can ultimately leave at your discretion, or when you find a full-time job.
  • Tutoring jobs – Tutoring students is a good way to make some extra cash because it allows you to work for just a couple of hours a day and still concentrate on finding your job. You can do it at a school or with a program, or privately for a family, and the hours are usually pretty flexible. Hourly tutoring can usually pay pretty well and depending on how much you tutor, it can be a nice part-time job. Tutoring listings may be found online, in classified advertisements, in flyers or newspapers, or you can offer services through advertisements as well.
  • Internships – While not all internships offer compensation, there are several businesses, companies, and organizations that do offer paid internships. Finding an internship that pays will help you earn some money, while also allowing you to learn more about your field of work, and may improve your chances when it comes pursuing your career. Additionally, an internship can be a great way to network and meet new people, which may also be useful in helping you find your job.

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