What to Do While You’re Unemployed to Impress Future Employers

Looking like a dedicated and hard-working individual is extremely important, especially to potential employers while you are on the job hunt. Impressing a potential employer is a good idea and it can likely help your chances of getting your dream job. Being unemployed means you should have the extra time to do whatever you can to make potential employers view you as an asset to their company, business, or organization. The following are some things you can do to keep yourself busy and make you look better to potential employers, and Fox Business also offers some more tips.

  • Volunteer – Volunteering can be extremely beneficial to your community and can also look good to potential employers. Volunteering at a local shelter, animal shelter, or with underprivileged children can be extremely rewarding, and it can also show employers that you weren’t just sitting around doing nothing while job searching. It shows potential employers that you aren’t lazy and actually wanted to do something productive with your time.
  • Interning – Working at an internship while unemployed is beneficial in many ways. While doing an internship, an individual can learn a lot about the career they are pursuing, and work experience is always a positive qualification to have in terms of pursuing a career. Working at an internship is a way of showing potential employers that you are serious about your career and that you want to learn everything you can about the industry you have chosen. This is also another way of showing a potential employer that you are dedicated to working and didn’t spend your down time just lying on the couch watching television.
  • Clean up your online image – Whether you believe it or not, employers do look at social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to screen potential employees. While it may not be a deciding factor in hiring, photos, even if they are 10+ years old, and posts can say a lot about a person. No matter how fun or harmless you think having photos of drinking, smoking, and doing keg-stands can be, they will never look good or acceptable to employers. The same goes for tacky posts about drinking, sex, and partying, which can offend potential employers and put you in a less than positive light. Take the time to clear out photos, posts, and comments that may hurt your chances with potential employers.
  • Do your research – If you’ve already scored an interview or know you’ll be interviewing soon, do plenty of research on the company before you go in for your interview. Knowing more about the company’s goals and how they work is likely to impress a potential employer. This shows you took the time to take an interest in the company and see what they are about. Be sure to ask questions about the company, and also talk about why you think you fit in with the goals of the company and how you expect to contribute to both your team, and the general goal of the company.

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