The 5 Most Educated Countries in the World

Education and literacy rates of populations are some of the most important sectors of a country. These figures say a lot about the economic growth and performance capabilities of that country. A recent poll conducted by the Organization for Economic and Co-Operative Development lists countries in educational order based on which countries populations, aged 25-64, had obtained at least an associate’s degree or higher, according to an article posted in The Huffington Post. The following countries were those that lead with the highest populations that had earned an associate’s degree or higher.

  1. Russian Federation: With 54% of the population in the Russian Federation having an associate’s degree or higher, Russia leads in education according to data obtained from the Organization for Economic and Co-operative Development. Russia is known to have one of the best mass-education systems in the world and produces a literacy rate of over 99%, according to a Census report, which exceeds most Western European countries.
  2. Canada: With about 48% of the population having earned an associate’s degree or higher, Canada comes in a close second behind Russia. Canada’s educational success can be partially attributed to a pre-university program in place that replaces a year of high school for one in community college. The pre-program, which is also a prerequisite for students to be admitted into a university, has increased participation in university settings, according to The Conference Board of Canada.
  3. Israel: Having about 44% of the population educated with at least an associate degree, Israel comes in third on the list. The country has the highest literacy rate and school life expectancy rate in Southwest Asia. Schools and universities located in Israel rank amongst some of the highest in the world, with six of the universities in Israel placing in the top 100 schools in Asia, and four Israel universities placing in the top 150 universities in the world.
  4. Japan: Having a 41% educated population rate, education in Japan is one of the best, with zero illiteracy. About 76% of the population in Japan attend a college, university, or higher learning institution after graduating from high school. The educational system in Japan is extremely competitive, particularly in institutions of higher education. In addition, the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, both in Japan, are high-ranking top universities.
  5. New Zealand: This country also has an educated population of about 41%. The country is recognized as a world-class provider of international courses for students, and three of their universities are amongst the top 200 in the world, according to The International Education Site. New Zealand has eight state-funded universities, all of which are internationally respected for their academic and research standards, according to the site.

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