6 College Majors That are Mostly Extinct

With unstable job industries and rising tuition costs, more students (and their parents) are becoming stricter on choosing a major. Nowadays, students are quicker to correlate majors with what they actually want to do in their professional life. They are taking the job hunt seriously and taking into consideration which industries are growing and flourishing when exploring majors. Due to budget cuts in many schools and universities, in addition to less student demand, some of the following majors are being cut from schools degree program plans and becoming extinct.

  1. American Studies: Some schools have seen a decline in students graduating in American Studies and Michigan State was no exception. American Studies may not be sought after as much because students may be replacing the major with others that are more closely related to advancing in education careers, such as history or other specific areas. After seeing declines in enrollment rates for years, Michigan State University decided to eliminate the program, according to an article posted on Campus Explorer.
  2. Philosophy: Philosophy and classics used to be a popular major amongst students because of the traditional core of liberal arts and sciences that mixed in with philosophy. However, a sharp decrease in philosophy graduates has made the major less than popular in recent years. The University of Louisiana cut the major altogether after noticing an average of 3.4 students graduating in philosophy at the school in the last 5 years, with no graduates in the major in 2008.
  3. Classics: Classic studies have clearly become a thing of the past as many schools are cutting their programs and others have greatly decreased the amount of classes offered. Michigan State University and and the State University of New York at Albany have both eliminated the programs altogether due to low enrollment rates.
  4. Humanities: Humanities involves the study of literature, philosophy, American studies, classics, and other subjects that are amongst those being eliminated at many universities. Also combined with the fact that many jobs aren’t particularly looking for language arts and humanities graduates, schools such as Northern Arizona University eliminated the major, while The State University of New York endured major budget cuts in their Humanities department.
  5. Environmental Science: Schools have also seen a decrease in graduates in Environmental Science and for that reason, Louisiana State University eliminated the program altogether. Other universities have chosen to combine it with other programs, such as McNeese State University, which will be combine environmental science into a natural resource conservation management degree.
  6. Agriculture: Also suffering from low enrollment rates and few graduates in the concentration, Agriculture programs and schools are being cut or combined with other degree programs. Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of Idaho eliminated their programs, and the University of Nevada plans on closing their College of Agriculture.

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