5 Colleges With the Most Fabulous Perks

Sometimes with the stress of studying, reading, researching, and completing assignments the college life can get a little hectic. Everyone who has ever been a college student knows all about that and sometimes it’s certainly nice to have a few breaks in your day, and perks offered by your school are no exception. The following schools attempt to make school more enjoyable by offering sweet perks to help their students release some of that dreaded stress.

  • Cottey College – At Cottey College, students receive one of the best perks heard of. Second year students at Cottey College, an all women’s college located in Missouri, get a free ride to study a semester abroad, according to Cottey College. All second year students spend a part of their spring semester studying abroad at a place chosen by the school. In 2009, students studied in Italy, and in 2010, they studied in England, with the 2011 class studying in Paris.
  • Harvard University – Students of Harvard University, located in Massachusetts, do not need to worry about transportation or driving after a long night, as the school offers its faculty, students, and staff a late night shuttle service. The shuttle operates 7 days a week throughout the entire year, including summer and break periods. Operation is from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. and no prior arrangements are needed in order to call for a ride on the shuttle.
  • Villanova University – Students at Villanova University, located in Pennsylvania, don’t have to worry about investing in a laptop or desktop for their studies. Incoming freshman at this university are leased state-of-the-art Dell laptop computers for use until the end of their sophomore year, according to Villanova University. Students are responsible for the care of their laptops and after their sophomore year must turn in their laptops and can order their second laptop for use in their remaining college years.  Students who are juniors and majoring in Communications get an extra perk – they receive Apple Macbooks.
  • Davidson College – Students at Davidson College in North Carolina do not have to worry about doing their laundry. The school offers its own full service laundry crew that washes, dries, and packages clothes and bed linens for pick-up. The laundry service is of no additional charge to students and also offers free use of self-serve laundry machines to students as well. Other services such as alterations and dry cleaning are available at an extra charge.
  • New York University – Students at New York University have an upper hand when it comes to tickets to games, concerts, the theatre and other venues around the city. NYU students have access to Ticket Central, which offers highly reduced tickets to the theatre including shows like Wicked, West Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera and tons of other shows, with admission sometimes being free. Ticket Central also allows avid sports fan the opportunity to get super cheap tickets to sporting events and Knicks, Yankees, and Mets games. Other discounted tickets include movie tickets, concerts, preview performances, and on-campus events.

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