The 7 Best Jobs for Busy Moms

It’s no secret that being a mom is a full-time job and that mom duties are never-ending. But, when not working isn’t really an option and the need for extra cash is vital, there are some jobs that busy moms can take on to earn some extra cash. The following are jobs that moms can usually fit into their schedule, while not hindering any important mom duties.

  • Temp Worker – When companies or organizations are in a bind because they have employees out on sick or maternity leave, vacation, or traveling, they usually need temp workers to fill in to perform tasks and administrative work. This allows busy moms opportunities to work for temporary time periods when they need to.
  • Part-time Receptionist – A part-time receptionist job is good for a busy mom because most allow you to go into work for a few hours and do minimal work. You also do not usually have to stay over your scheduled work hours. Part-time receptionists are needed in a variety of fields, including legal offices, veterinary offices, daycares, schools, medical offices, and plenty of other business types.
  • Substitute Teacher – Substitute teacher jobs are pretty flexible in that they allow individuals to work when they want to. Certification requirements of substitute teachers will vary between states, but most states do not require certification or only require that that subs have minimal college credits. Most substitute teachers can pick and choose when they wish to work and still have free time before and after school.
  • Skills Teacher – If you have specific talents in arts and crafts, computer skills, exercise, dance, performing arts or music, speak to local community staffs to see if you can teach classes based on your skills. Many community organizations offer classes that offer specialized skills in specific areas and are in need of teachers to lead the classes a couple of times a month.
  • Freelance Writer/Blogger – Finding paying writing jobs over the Internet isn’t a bad idea; they allow you to work from home and also allows you to work at your own time and pace. There are tons of options to chose from, including mommy blogs, health and fitness blogs, newspaper sources, and education-related sites. In addition, freelance writing allows you to have control over your workload and take on more or less articles depending on your commitments.
  • Virtual Assistant – Virtual assistant jobs are great part-time jobs for busy moms because they allow you to work from home as well. For this job, you help others to answer phone calls and respond to e-mails, and sometimes are asked to do other administrative tasks. To find out more about virtual assistants and their job responsibilities, the International Virtual Assistants Association serves as a guide and directory.
  • Event Planning – While some event planning can be stressful and time consuming, small event planning, such as children’s birthday parties and small baby or bridal showers, can be ideal for part-time jobs. Planning events part-time means you can take on as many or as little events as you need to and can work on them when you have time.

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