Bachelor’s Degrees That Bring The Most Bang for Your Buck

It should come as no surprise that with cuts in funding for higher education, increases in tuition, and some industries still feeling the wrath of the recession, students are really thinking twice about the choice they make when declaring a major. Because choosing a major is a very important step in laying the foundation for your career, it is important to know which subjects, majors, and concentrations will help land higher paying jobs and better benefits. While the top money-making majors may change and vary each year, there are certain degree majors and concentrations that continue to remain on the list for earning top dollar salaries, particularly in entry-level positions.

Students that major in engineering, which generally includes chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, can earn starting annual median salaries over $50,000, according to the Oregon State University College of Engineering. There are several other types of engineering degrees that pay more than decent starting annual salaries as well. Degrees in engineering require students to have strong mathematical skills as well as possess strong work ethic and the ability to multi-task. Another major that proves to continue to pay well is computer science. As technology continues to evolve and computers becomes more sophisticated, trained and skilled individuals are needed to keep up with computer and technology demands. Most average starting salaries in computer science careers are around $50,000 as well.

Students that major in business administration have the knowledge and skills to work in a number of business related fields. While some entry-level jobs may not pay much more than those in other fields, individuals with this degree have the option to pursue careers in a number of different industries including careers that may pay between $35,523 and $56,574 annually for entry level positions, according to Payscale. Physics majors also have good chances of making good entry-level salaries. A major in physics prepares students for a broad range of science, engineering, and education careers and average starting salaries of physics majors average around $50,000.

Students that major in finance can also make healthy starting salaries. While finance majors need to be strongly skilled in math and have the ability to work well under pressure, work efficiently in time crunches, and must enjoy working with numbers, many finance majors enjoy salaries of more than $48,000. Accounting jobs also generally pay well for starting positions and there will always be a need for accountants and professionals to work with taxes. Accountant majors must be highly skilled in math and like to work with numbers. Entry-level accountants can earn annual average salaries of $47,000. Accounting majors can work for state and government agencies as well as for private firms and businesses and organizations.

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