5 Jobs You Wouldn’t Think Were Dangerous

Some people typically consider the risks involved with their dream jobs while on the job hunt. After all, some careers don’t exactly scream "safe." For example, it’s commonly known that police, law enforcement officers, and firefighters don’t have the safest jobs around, but did you know that there are also jobs out there that don’t appear to be unsafe, when in actuality, they may just be? The following are a look into some jobs that do not seem that dangerous, but have the potential to be.

  • Nurse: While nurses are known to treat the ill and bring people back to life, they also come in contact with a number of different blood-borne pathogens. Nurses are trained to handle infection and diseases and prevent exposure, but it is possible for them to come into contact with infectious blood-borne pathogens just the same. Nurses need to be extremely careful when handling patients, as the spread of diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS is always a possibility.
  • Social Worker: While social workers are praised for helping the less fortunate, such as those affected by abuse and neglect and the disabled, sometimes their job can be dangerous. They can be threatened and harassed by individuals they come in contact with and may need to be on high alert for retaliation attempts orchestrated by unfit parents or spouses who are upset that their children or spouse have been removed from their homes.
  • Construction Worker: Construction workers actually perform a number of potentially hazardous tasks while on the job, according to an article posted on Workers Comp Lawyers. No matter what they are working on, construction workers can be subjected to injuries and death sustained from working through tough weather conditions and working with heavy-duty machinery. Some may also suffer injuries associated with slips and falls, and working with electricity and wiring.
  • Sanitation Worker: Most people would think that the work sanitation workers do is relatively safe, albeit a bit messy. But in fact, they work with large and heavy-duty machinery and are at risk for being crushed by their own equipment. They also come in contact with hazardous waste that may explode, and run the risk of being hit by vehicles when they exit their trucks.
  • Fisherman: You may think there is not much risk involved with fishing, but the job of a fisherman is actually one of the most dangerous jobs out there. They are exposed to rough weather out in the ocean, are constantly put at risk of drowning, and work with heavy machinery out at sea. In addition, should fishermen become sick or injured on their journey, it may be difficult to get them the immediate medical attention they need.

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