Clean Up Those Study Habits

It’s no secret that college students need to really buckle down and do well in their studies and school work in order to earn high grades and be successful in their studies. While all college students know the importance of studying and consider it a necessity in order to succeed in college, some students develop study habits that with time may actually work against them. While most college students are stressed and forced to complete work with deadlines and under pressure, it is important to know that some study habits are not healthy and that studying with organization can be quite beneficial, according to an article posted on Collegeboard.

Coming up with a study schedule may help to ensure that you actually set aside the time to study when you need to. When making a study schedule, try to keep in mind that studying when tired or hungry may affect what you are able to retain. Studying when sleepy is especially advised against, as it is likely you are not really paying attention to what you are reading and it is hard to remember certain things and really focus when you are sleep-deprived. An ideal study session should include a time when you are well-rested and alert, and when you are somewhere that is comfortable and with adequate space to work. In addition, your study location should have good lighting and be free from distraction.

Developing good study habits are important because it is easy to get used to study habits that aren’t ideal. It can get easy to blow off school, study time and completing assignments until the night before they are due, but depriving yourself of sleep is not healthy and cramming weeks of work and studying into one or two nights is likely to have a negative effect on grades. Developing good study habits can also help to ensure that you are keeping up with your school workload, that you are balancing commitments in your life, and that you are working hard to succeed. You can also always improve study habits by having a study routine, deciding in advance what you need to study and getting to know students in class that may be able to help you should you ever need some assistance.

The important thing to remember as a college student is that studying and setting aside the time to work on schoolwork is vital in earning and maintaining good grades. Taking breaks between long periods of studying is also pretty important, as taking short breaks will help to ease anxiety and frustration and serves as a way to refresh and regroup during intense study sessions. An article posted on the New York University’s The College of Learning Center has an article dedicated to scheduling breaks when studying and shares some important study tips for students to consider.

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