7 Telling Job Trends You Need to Know

The job hunt isn’t always going to be an easy one and with some industries still unstable and recovering slower than others after the effects of the recession. In fact, job hunting nowadays can be a bit overwhelming and utterly frustrating. There are some trending job concepts that graduates should know when on the search for a job, according to an article posted on Forbes.com.

  1. Social media could make or break you. If it wasn’t a big deal a few years back, it certainly is now. By the time you submit an application and send your resume over to a potential employer, chances are they’ve already Googled you and have had a look at your Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedln pages. Be sure you have a professional profile built up on one of these sites, as it is likely to speak volumes for you.
  2. Technology isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We’ve witnessed technology grow at an alarmingly quick rate in the last couple of years. Many companies are investing in top-of-the-line systems and the most upgraded technology to provide great customer service. This means it is extremely important to be tech-savvy and the more knowledge you have with computers and technology, the higher in demand you are likely to be.
  3. Cell phones have helped you join in on the job hunt. With smartphones being able to do just about anything these days, it’s no surprise they’ve almost replaced laptops and computers. Today’s smartphones allow you to comb over job search sites, send and respond to emails, and access apps that are designed specifically to help you keep track of job listings and networking opportunities.
  4. Businesses are working leaner than ever. 35% of employers reported that their company layout has changed as a direct result of the recession. Companies were forced to cut back in certain departments and are now operating with smaller staffs than they were before the recession. In addition, 57% of those say they have grown accustomed to the minimized departments.
  5. Blogging is helpful. Creating your own blog is a good way for you to practice and list your expertise in your specialized field. Writing blog posts allows people and potential employers to see where you stand in the field and is a good way to list some of your accomplishments. Blogging also helps you build relationships with other bloggers that can be beneficial to helping you learn more about the industry you specialize in.
  6. Businesses are going casual. According to an article posted in About.com about employment trends, companies are becoming a bit more lax and comfortable when it comes to dress codes and the overall work experience. One-third of employers expect to offer more flexible arrangements, such as telecommuting in 2011, and 15% claim they will offer a more relaxed dress code.
  7. Podcasts are convenient and easy. Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded to your computer, iPod, or phone, and recruiters use them as a way to do audio presentations, like preparing a resume and giving tips on interviewing. Now called "jobcasting," employers are using podcasts to advertise positions within their companies and for other recruiting efforts.

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