The 8 Greatest Jobs for 2011 Grads

With some industries are still suffering from the effects of the recession, it’s clear certain industries aren’t the best concentrations to study if you are currently finishing up your college education.  But have no fear! While not everyone has bounced back from the recession just yet, there are some industries and careers that show no signs of hard times. The following are a list of jobs that are in high demand for 2011 grads.

  1. Software Engineer. According to an article posted on Forbes, software engineer jobs require computer knowledge, a skill with numbers, and the ability to be able to design and create software. The article also lists the job as one of the best for 2011.
  2. Computer System Analyst. As information technology remains one of the biggest in-demand fields, computer systems analysts are also in high demand. These analysts work with planning and developing computer systems, and while outsourcing trends may have threatened these jobs before, the quality of the work didn’t compare, and the occupation is currently in vogue once again.
  3. Biologist. Biologists, who study the relationships of living organisms in relation to the environment, have always been in demand, but recently the need for mapping the human genome and fighting biological terrorism has pushed the career into new heights of popularity and necessity.
  4. Mathematician. Mathematicians, who work with numbers and statistics to help businesses with their finances or choose to teach classes in the subject, are seeing an increasing amount of employment opportunities.  Businesses are re-evaluating plans and looking to get their finances in order, driving up the need for skilled professionals in math.
  5. Financial Analyst. All businesses, corporations, and organizations need professionals to help with leadership decision-making and financial analysts have the background and knowledge of figures to be able to do so. Add effective communication skills with a financial analyst background and you’ve created an ideal job candidate.
  6. Actuary. An actuary is a person who interprets statistics to determine the probability of accidents, sickness, death, or the loss of property damage to estimate the cost of claims. The employment of actuaries is expected to grow much faster than the average occupation and their jobs are relatively pleasant and comfortable, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  7. Dental Hygienist. Dental hygienists help dentists with their daily work and are always great jobs because there is a constant need for them. Aside from being popular when it comes to hiring, there is always a high rate of job satisfaction from dental hygienists and the pay is competitive with many other careers.
  8. Audiologist. Audiologists diagnose and treat patients with hearing problems and have a relatively low stress level job. As expected, the baby boomer generation are now approaching the age where they are developing hearing problems, alongside the middle-aged population, making the demand for professionals in this field pretty high.

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