5 Most Common Questions Asked By Online Students

Taking classes online or enrolling in an online learning education program is nothing new, but it is certainly gaining more popularity as more schools are adding online programs to their traditional campus offerings. It is no surprise that more individuals have questions when it comes to learning more about how these programs work. The following is a list of common questions that individuals ask about online programs. We hope that we can allow you to understand more about the online education process and what it actually means.

  1. Can I earn my degree entirely online?
  2. Most online schools and universities have degree programs that can be earned entirely online, such as the ones at Drury University. Some schools also have programs that mix on campus courses with online courses, for students that are interested in earning their degree taking both types of classes.

  3. What degrees are offered online?
  4. The types of degrees that are offered online depend heavily on the specific school you are interested in. However, many online colleges and universities offer degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels with concentrations in business, nursing, health care, sciences, liberal arts, mathematics, English, criminal justice, education and information technology. Some schools also offer vocational and training degrees or certificates as well as doctoral degrees in a number of concentrations, depending on the school.

  5. What do I need to take online classes?
  6. Students who wish to pursue classes online and earn a degree first must have a working computer. Computer hardware and software along with an Internet connection are needed in order to be able to participate in learning online. Students will need programs that will allow them to produce assignments, such as Microsoft Office, and will have to possess a strong and reliable Internet connection on a regular basis.

  7. How do online classes work?
  8. While the specific layout of a course will vary between schools and professors, online classes generally involve the use of learning through video lectures, lecture notes being posted online, and receiving reading assignments via email or through a university used database or program such as Blackboard. Exams are also generally administered online and usually need to be completed within a timed window. Many schools have systems that allow students and professors to communicate through online chat forums and threads and allow students to view assignments and notes and partake in course discussions and/or debates.

  9. Can I get financial aid for online degree programs?
  10. Online students can still look into several financial aid options for assistance, according to an article posted on U.S. News and World Report. Students are encouraged to fill out a FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, in order to determine if they qualify for government aid. Students also have the option of applying for federal students loans to help cover the cost of tuition. Another option for students pursuing an online education degree is to apply for grant and scholarship opportunities, that can also help with paying for tuition.

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