Pros and Cons of Using a Job Placement Agency

Like anything else, using a job placement agency can have its fair share of pros and cons. With some industries still experiencing hiring lags and some even still facing layoffs and budget cuts, the job hunt can sometimes seem like a never-ending cycle. So, if you are fed up with job hunting and have considered going to a headhunter, recruiter, or job placement agency, keep in mind that there are some ups and downs to using their services and that it will ultimately come down to your personal preference and whether or not you wish to work with one.

Using a job placement agency certainly has its benefits. One of the major reasons why it may be a good idea to use an agency is because they are likely to know about jobs that aren’t posted or being advertised elsewhere. According to an article posted in, up to 80% of jobs are not advertised through traditional methods. Employers often hire recruiters to find employees to save them the time and trouble of looking for employees themselves and usually know about vacancies in agencies that are not otherwise listed. Agencies also allow job seekers to be selective and only look for jobs in a specific field if the person has a particular career of field they wish to pursue. As job seeking can also be quite time-consuming, working with a job placement agency will save you time as they are searching for job possibilities for you.

However, using a job placement agency may also not be ideal for some people. Going to an interview with a recruiter is supposed to allow them to get to know you so that they can find jobs for you. But if your interview doesn’t go so well or if the recruiter doesn’t put you on a priority list because of multiple other clients, it may be hard for you to find job opportunities. Headhunters may also try to coerce you into interviewing for jobs you don’t particularly care for and may make you feel obligated to take a job because they found it for you, even if you may not have taken it otherwise. In addition, it may also be difficult to be hired through a job agency if you are one of two equally skilled people applying to same job because that company would need to pay a fee to hire the individual that was working with the job placement agency.

Another factor in deciding whether a job placement agency is right for you is going to depend on whether or not networking is important to you. It is likely that if you wish to network and meet new people, you will probably be better off working on your own, because agencies already have relationships and networks with other companies and don’t really give you the chance to do so. Overall, a job placement agency can either provide some benefits or lack for those individuals that are searching for jobs, depending on what they are looking for and how they wish to conduct their job search. Ultimately, it will come down to what you feel more comfortable with and how comfortable you feel with working with a professional when looking for a job.

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