Going Green Gets a Business Boom

Going green has never been more popular. In today’s world, there is a lot more emphasis on the importance of preserving natural resources, living green, recycling, and thinking about our environment before we buy common products like bottled water and paper plates and purchase energy efficient lightbulbs and other household products and appliances. The green movement has never been bigger and it seems to be getting more attention as we are learning more about how important it is to protect our ozone layer and the planet’s resources. Now even college students are hoping to make an impact and spread the idea of green living, according to an article posed in The New York Times.

Rachel Kleinberger, a 25 year-old college graduate who worked with a reality-TV production company, chose to leave her media job for a position working with a nonprofit organization focused on the environment, according to the New York Times article. Kleinberger wanted to do something helpful or wanted to do something that she felt good about doing, especially when putting so much time and effort into it. Young graduate hopefuls like Kleinberger don’t just leave promising media jobs for just anything, as the job hunt can be particularly daunting these days. However, these hopefuls who leave their cushion-y jobs for other work are a new wave of individuals that enter career fields that were merely non-existent a decade ago.

Some of those fields include blogging, social media, and environmental sustainability or green jobs. Sustainability is quickly becoming appealing to young innovators who are ambitious. Amelia Byers, the operations director for a website that lists opportunities for non-profit groups and social enterprise companies, which has about 5,000 environmental organizations, said that the number of jobs that are relating to environmental work has grown rapidly, almost tripling in the last three years. Environmental sustainability isn’t something that is only confined to the nonprofit sector, as there are many businesses and corporations that are interested in environmental issues such as reducing waste and carbon footprints.

There are even a lot of sectors that are promoting environmental sustainability and creating movements for environmental issues that graduates can take part in. Students can work in education, business, and science to name a few. Kleinberger, who now works at Global Inheritance, a non-profit group that uses arts and creativity to encourage environmental sustainability, says she uses creativity and innovation in her job, which she loves. She has helped organize D.J. performances that are powered entirely off the grid, such as at the Coachella music festival, and took energy-generating bicycles that charge cellphones and iPods to the Indy 500 recently. Kleinberger, much like other graduates, loves her job because it allows her to work with an important issue and make an impact while also being able to express a creative and fun side.

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