5 Worst Cities for Recent Grads

At the end of each college semester, thousands of students earn their college degrees. Although many students think of moving to big cities to pursue endless job opportunities, currently, some big cities are suffering from high unemployment rates. Both big and smaller cities have been affected by unemployment rates, and an article written earlier this year in The Huffington Post breaks down the best and worst cities for college graduates. Here, we can take a look into some of the US cities that college graduates should think twice about when it comes to moving for the purpose of pursuing available job opportunities.

  1. Detroit: Considered a dangerous and somewhat abandoned city, Detroit is one of the worst cities for recent college graduates to live in for a number of reasons. Probably the most important reason for a college graduate, Detroit’s unemployment rate has been alarmingly high for years. The unemployment rate has held steady at 15.5%, but some officials estimate that the unemployment rate has risen to about 50% in recent months. High unemployment has been caused by high crime and murder rates in the city, automotive layoffs and closures, and about a quarter of the city abandoning Detroit in recent years.
  2. Las Vegas: With an unemployment rate near 14% for the last several months, Las Vegas is certainly not a top choice for college graduates to pursue careers. High unemployment rates in Las Vegas can be accredited to the city being hit hard in the economic downturn, which partly lead the city to have the highest foreclosure rate in the country in 2009. Additionally, a collapse of the construction industry in Las Vegas, which contributed greatly to the city and state’s economic growth, has taken a great toll on Las Vegas’ economy.
  3. Cleveland: Suffering from one of the largest population decreases in recent years, Cleveland lost over 2,500 residents in 2009 alone. The Ohio city has high unemployment rates, at about 9%, high taxes, miserable weather, and high foreclosure rates, which have caused views of the city to be much less than desirable. Additionally, the city is littered with abandoned houses, has high crime rates and pollution, and is known to be run by corrupt officials.
  4. New York: Although it appears that many recent grads still have dreams of moving to New York and making it, New York is not one of the best cities for recent graduates to consider, unless the realities are known. The average rent rates in New York are some of the highest in the country and the city is not expected to endure a great employment growth. With about a 9% unemployment rate, job increase is expected to be at about 5% in the next 20 years.
  5. El Centro: Located in Southern California, El Centro has one of the highest unemployment rates, lingering around 27% in recent months. Job opportunities are scarce, as El Centro is a border town just across from Mexicali and relies highly on agricultural employment. Additionally, many of the jobs in El Centro are seasonal, and many of the employees that work in agriculture are floating employees.

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