5 Questions You Should Ask During Your Job Interview

A common misconception is that as an interviewee, you’re supposed to just sit there and field questions from the employer. However, this is not the case. In fact, many employers prefer interviewees to ask questions because it shows they have a real interest in the company and the position, and that they have done their homework on both. Here are five questions that you should ask during your interview to show employers you’re serious about the position.

  1. What role does this company have in the future of the industry?

    This question will let you know how the company plans to improve and stay relevant in the future, which is important to the continuation of your career, should you get the job. It shows the employer that you have an interest in both the company and the industry. It also shows that you’re thinking about the future of both, implying that you plan to stay with the company for a long time.

  2. How does this position contribute to the company as a whole?

    This will give you an understanding of what your work will mean for the company and how vital your role will be. Your interest in this will let the employer see that you don’t just want to come in, do your work, and leave, but that you want to know how you will be helping the company.

  3. How does this company compare and contend with competing companies, such as (name a couple of the company’s top competitors)?

    This question will let you know how the company views itself in the industry, and how they plan to out-do the competition. Naming the company’s top competitors will let the employer see that you are aware of the competition, and that you took the initiative to research the industry.

  4. What has made this department successful over the past few years?

    This will let you know how what has worked in the past, knowledge that you can use to continue and possibly improve upon this success. It lets the employer know that you want to continue this success, and not just do enough to not get fired.

  5. What skills and attributes are you looking for in a candidate for this position?

    The answer to this question should let you know what the employer wants, and allow you to determine if the position and the company is right for you. This question lets the employer know that you want to make sure you are the right person for the job, which may be an attribute they’re looking for.

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