6 Essential Apps for College Students

Your iPhone can do more than just send text messages. Make the most out of your expensive hardware thanks to apps that can help you study, keep track of your homework and grades, and store important documents and papers. We’ve looked through numerous apps – designed for both iPhone and iPad – to bring you the six that every college student should have. And no, we’re not talking about Angry Birds.

  1. Instapaper. It’s a well-known fact that you read a lot in college. And we mean a lot. To help you keep track of all the long articles, blog posts, and other materials that are relevant to your coursework, Instapaper stores it for you to then read later. It also strips away any ads or extras to give you no distractions – just text. And once you’ve downloaded materials, they’re available whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or not. It’s perfect for long articles that you can then read while you’re commuting, or inevitably waiting in line at the Bursar’s office. Cost: $4.00.
  2. Dropbox. Who hasn’t heard that classic story of a student staying up all night to finish a paper, to then have his computer crash and all his work erased? Well, if you use Dropbox, that will never happen. Upload important papers, as well as documents, photos, and videos, to the online storage tool, and you won’t have to worry about losing them should you accidentally spill coffee all over your laptop. And once downloaded, materials are accessible from anywhere, whether you’re working from your personal laptop, library computer, parent’s house, or, now with this app, your iPhone or iPad. Uploaded materials are also easily shareable for when you’re working on group project. Cost: Free.
  3. Evernote. This is like five apps in one. With Evernote, you can create notes, take photos, and record voice memos with your iPhone or iPad, and also easily access them from your computer or the web. It’s infinitely customizable – you can take snapshots of all your course materials, such as papers, handwritten notes, handouts, and syllabi, and store them in one, searchable place. You can even scan pages of textbooks to have reading material handy, without lugging around the heavy book. With the voice memo, you can record important lectures, and other features let you manage your schedule. The only thing this app won’t do, it seems, is your homework. Cost: Free.
  4. gFlash. There are a few of these flashcard-making apps, but this is definitely the most popular. The traditional study tool goes digital, as you can create, download, and manipulate your own flashcards. It also lets you track your improvement, so you can see how you’re doing up until the big day. You’ll be sure to keep this around throughout your entire academic career. Cost: Free.
  5. Kindle. Did we mention you read a lot in college? Digitize your reading materials, from books to magazines and newspapers, with this app version of Amazon’s Kindle. Features let you highlight sections, as well as leave notes. This is especially useful for all those lit majors, but with access to more than 1 million books, we bet most students can find what they’re looking for. And best of all – materials are searchable, so you can find that passage you need to quote without thumbing frantically through a book. Cost: Free.
  6. iHomework. Say goodbye to your old fashioned paper planner. With this app, you can keep track of all of your assignments, research papers, and required readings, as well as store your course schedule and professor contacts. You can also set reminders on approaching tests and due dates, as well as track your grades and even calculate your GPA. Can your moleskin do that? Cost: $1.99.

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